Ruben Alvarez Fernandez PhD

Senior Scientist

Ruben Alvarez Fernandez

Senior Scientist

Ruben Alvarez joined the PhoreMost team in May 2018 as a Senior Scientist in the R&D department. He is currently working with the SITESEEKER® platform development team to set up and run live-cell phenotypic screens, and is also involved in the bioinformatic analysis that selects the hits to pass to validation stage.

He is a Biologist and obtained his PhD from the University of Oviedo, Spain in 2006, working in genetic transformation in plants. From there he moved to the UK for several postdocs in various subjects (flower developmental biology, plant response to light stress, fission yeast functional genomics and geno/phenotypic analysis of CRISPR-edited mammalian cell lines). In this time he became an expert molecular biologist, good bioinformatician, and obtained a broad overview of different model systems and technologies. He loves R&D, and sometimes you see him staring at something and thinking 'I could optimise this'.

You will find him up for both talking science or a pun and a good laugh.