Markus Muellner PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Markus Muellner

Chief Technology Officer

Markus joined PhoreMost in 2015 from Vienna Austria as the Head of R&D and set up PhoreMosts’ SITESEEKER® screening platform. He has ten years’ experience in the field of cancer drug target discovery and in functional genetic screening. Markus has a background in engineering and informatics (HTBLuVA Moedling), and obtained an MSc. in Life Sciences (University of Vienna, Institute of Analytical Chemistry) followed by a Ph.D. (Medical University Vienna, Institute of Medical Chemistry) working on cervical cancer, hypoxia, and oxidative stress.

Markus conducted postdoctoral studies at the Center for Molecular Medicine (CeMM) where he established a novel target discovery platform that resulted in several high-profile publications and international collaborations.

Markus also managed a bioinformatics/software development team to create an analysis pipeline for these novel screening methods. Before moving to the UK he acted as a consultant for a phenotypic screening start-up in Austria.