Jonathan Milner PhD

Chairman / Company Director

Jonathan Milner

Chairman / Company Director

Jonathan, Founder and currently Deputy Chairman of Abcam plc, is an experienced entrepreneur and investor and is passionate about supporting UK life science and high-tech start-ups. He has provided considerable investment and support to over 30 companies and has assisted three technology companies to IPO on the London AIM Stock exchange.

Jonathan gained his doctorate in Molecular Genetics at Leicester University after graduating in Applied Biology at Bath. From 1992–95, he was a post-doctoral researcher at Bath, following which he worked at the University of Cambridge in the lab of Professor Tony Kouzarides studying cancer. He identified the market opportunity for supplying high-quality antibodies to support protein interaction studies, and in 1998, founded Abcam with David Cleevely and Professor Tony Kouzarides.

Jonathan is Deputy Chairman of Abcam plc, a non-executive director of Horizon Discovery, Frontier Developments and GeoSpock. He is also Chairman of Axol Bioscience Ltd and PhoreMost Ltd.